About Us

About Us

Our company, was founded in 2016, is a trade company for marketing and exporting the goods in different 
sectors which are being produced by manufacturers in Konya Industrial Area. Our company is establishing 
business relationship between manufacturers and customers with its own brand ''NUREMS''.

We are now exporting our products to Middle East, South Africa, Europe, Iran and Russian regions. We have
achieved success in a short time and expanded our sales network by giving sole distributions to some countries. 

Our product range that we are marketing and exporting; 

•  Submersible Water Pumps and Motors 
•  Winding Wire for Submersible Motors
•  Drip Irrigation Pipes and Fittings
•  Column Pipes for Water Wells 
•  Filter Housings for Trucks (Automotive)
•  Air Reservoirs of Trucks (Automotive)
•  Hydraulic Cylinders

Our Mission ; establishing strong and long term business relationships with our customers
Our Vision  ; increasing our company development by considering the quality and good service prensiple.

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